SGG CONTRAFLAM is a sealed glazing unit which offers fire-resistance for categories El 30 to El 120, composed of sheets of glass separated by one or more spacer bars. The outer panes can either be SGG SECURIT toughened glass or SGG STADIP PROTECT laminated glass. The cavity between the glass sheets is filled with a transparent and colourless expanding aqueous gel or an intumescent mastic. This reacts when exposed to fire and absorbs the energy of the fire, acting as a heat shield and keeping temperatures on the safe side within strict limits imposed by applicable test standards and national regulations. Only SGG CONTRAFLAM N2 double-glazed units can be used in facade glazing.


SGG CONTRAFLAM consists of three main products:

• SGG CONTRAFLAM, El 30 and El 60, with a special steel spacer bar and an expanding gel, meet the requirements of performance categories E and I for 30 to 60 min. Its expanding aqueous gel opacifies as it reacts to the fire. SGG CONTRAFLAM also has very high sound reduction indices.

Abbreviated product designations: CF 30 or CF 60 followed by the thickness of the gel in mm, for example: CF 30-18.

• SGG CONTRAFLAM Nl, El 30 and El 60, incorporate a glass spacer bar whose insulation qualities enable the thickness of the gel and the depth of the channel to be reduced. The aqueous gel also provides thermal insulation.

Abbreviated product designations: CF 30-N1 or CF 60-N1 followed by the thickness of the gel in mm, for example: CF60-N1-24.

• SGG CONTRAFLAM N2, El 30, El 60, El 90 and El 120, differ from the previous types by having a specially developed spacer bar and an intumescent mastic. The mastic is initially very thin, but in the presence of fire it expands and opacifies, developing into an insulating "foam". Its comparatively thinner composition and lighter weight make it particularly suitable for incorporating into double-glazed units.


• SGG CONTRAFLAM is a glass designed for structures which have to meet the stringent criteria of integrity by remaining flameproof and impervious to gases whilst also providing thermal insulation during a fire for 30 to 120 min, categories El 30 to El 120.

• In addition to its fire-resistant properties, SGG CONTRAFLAM is a safety glass, equivalent to Class A of BS 6206. It must not be used near to heating systems.

• SGG CONTRAFLAM N2, assembled as a double-glazed unit, can be used in external applications, providing the temperature limits for using the product are observed: - 15°, + 45 °C (minimum and maximum temperatures permitted in the intumescent mastic). Please contact SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS for more information.

• Solutions tested and certified: any length of partition and doors El 30, El 60, El 90, doors El 30 and El 60, with wooden, insulated steel and even aluminium-based frame, depending on the required performance level.


SGG CONTRAFLAM is a clear, transparent glass produced in standard cut sizes only. It is impact-resistant and easy to transport and handle.

Almost all SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS products, which can be toughened or laminated, can be used to constitute SGG CONTRAFLAM. Thus special versions can be made which incorporate glasses from the SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS COMFORT, DESIGN, VISION or PROTECT families. SGG CONTRAFLAM N2 is also available in SGG CONTOUR SECURIT El 30 curved glass


It must be installed in strict accordance with the appropriate fire test certification and current national standards and regulations.

SGG CONTRAFLAM can be identified by a special indelible stamp.